Homeopathic Medicine San Diego

A homeopathic doctor San Diego can offer customized homeopathic treatment plans to aid you to better health. Homeopathy is a gentle and effective form of medicine that works by providing you with a unique and individualized low dose remedy. It works to stimulate your body’s own innate ability to heal itself and has no side effects or interactions with medications or supplements. A homeopathic formula is prepared by taking a substance found in nature and diluting it to a very low dose. This low dose provides your body with just enough medicine to heal, without all the harmful side effects of high dose pharmaceuticals. Homeopathy is well-indicated for a variety of chronic diseases such as mood disorders including depression, stress, and anxiety, hormone imbalances, allergies, digestive issues, and chronic pain and fatigue. After your comprehensive initial consultation with one of our doctors, all trained homeopathic doctors in San Diego, they will determine if homeopathy is a good fit for you and your unique health concerns. Schedule an appointment with our naturopathic doctors San Diego to see if homeopathic medicine is right for you.

How homeopathy treatment with our doctors works:

Step 1: Schedule a free 10 minute intro phone consult to determine if homeopathy is a good fit for you.

Visit 1: Comprehensive Naturopathic Medical Intake

The first visit with Dr. Price is a medical intake to obtain a thorough health history, determine if there is a need for further diagnostic work-up, and order labs if indicated. If you have medical records from your previous doctors, Dr. Price can request previous medical records including pertinent labs and imaging. After the comprehensive naturopathic intake, Dr. Price may recommend a few supplements to kickstart your treatment and prepare you for your homeopathic prescription.

Visit 2 (1-2 weeks later): Homeopathic Intake and prescription: 60 minutes

After your doctor gains a thorough understanding of your health history from visit 1, they will conduct a focused homeopathic intake where they will delve deeper into specific of your symptoms so that they can select the appropriate constitutional homeopathic remedy for you.

Visit 3 and beyond: Thereafter, follow up visits are 30-45 minutes.


Schedule Your Appointment With A Homeopathic Doctor San Diego

Our team of doctors of naturopathy will work with you to create a custom medicine and treatment plan

Schedule your appointment to take the first steps towards better health with a homeopathic doctor San Diego. Our team of naturopathic doctors offer homeopathic medicine plans that are customized specifically for your health journey. Whether you are struggling with food allergies, ADHD, anxiety, depression, or other disorders and health issues that can negatively impact your quality of life, our team is here to help. We take the steps necessary in our homeopathic treatments to properly run testing, create a treatment plan, and work side by side with you. Our homeopathic doctors San Diego can aid you in the following: ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, food allergies, chronic pain, stress, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, and fatigue. To see if a naturopathic doctor is right for you, schedule an appointment and set up your consultation today.