Neurofeedback San Diego

Neurofeedback Therapy San Diego

Are you suffering from

Suffering from depressed mood, lack of motivation, or poor memory or focus? Do you feel anxious, wired and tired and want to be more resilient in the face of stress?

Neurofeedback therapy trains your brain to automatically respond to stress in a healthier way, so that you show up every day as your best self and have the vitality, resilience, and stamina to take on the demands of life. Schedule your appointment with our neurofeedback San Diego office.


Neurofeedback Therapy is well-indicated for:

How Our Neurofeedback Therapy San Diego Works

Step 1: Initial consultation and qEEG brain map

At your first appointment with us at our Neurofeedback San Diego office, you will receive a qEEG brain scan. This is a comprehensive and personalized report that will outline all the areas of your brain that are functionally out of balance and how this is resulting in mood and neurological symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Click here to view a complete sample qEEG report from a real patient.

Step 2: qEEG brain scan results review and first neurofeedback training session

Your qEEG brain scan will take a few days to process before your next appointment. We will review the results with you and provide a customized brain training series prescription based on your results.


Step 3: Neurofeedback brain training series

This is where the real work is done to train your brain to respond to stress optimally. The sessions are more frequent in the beginning and are spaced out over time based on how quickly your brain learns and maintains new patterns.

What is neurofeedback brain training?

Electrode leads are placed on specific areas on your scalp. The leads will measure the electrical activity of your brain through an EEG signal and the device will administer visual, auditory feedback and/or low voltage microcurrent to bring your brain waves back into balance. With enough sessions, your brain will learn to go back into balance on its own without the assistance of the neurofeedback device. This is the ultimate goal of neurofeedback therapy!


Benefits of Neurofeedback

  • Many patients report that neurofeedback was like that ON/OFF switch that made them feel like themselves again
  • Neurofeedback treats the root cause of your symptoms and creates lasting and permanent changes in your brain chemistry
  • In many cases, neurofeedback therapy may help you wean off psychiatric medication or be used as a safe alternative to psychiatric medication
  • Regular treatments will optimize mood, performance, motivation, and sleep so you can be more resilient in the face of stress
  • Neurofeedback is safe in conjunction with psychiatric medication and has no harmful side effects

For how long will I need to be doing neurofeedback treatments?

We recommend a minimum of 3 treatments each within a week apart to start to notice changes in mood, sleep, stamina, and performance. To achieve permanent or lasting changes, you will need a series of approximately 20 treatments. After the first 20 treatments, you may only need to come in for less frequent “tune-ups” when you have periods of higher stress in your life. The amount and duration of treatments depends on each individual person, the severity of symptoms, and external factors such as life stressors.

Schedule a free 10-minute phone consult to determine if neurofeedback is a good fit for you.